Warranty Information

Little Fanny Pants Diapers takes pride in the quality and workmanship of our products!  We stand behind our products 100%, and are happy to offer a Limited - 1 year warranty on all of our diapers.

What's Covered:

Snap issues: snaps don't close right, don't stay closed or snaps that fall off

Stitching: Stitching defects that affect the function of the diaper. 

Elastics: broken elastics

What’s Not Covered:

  • Seconds Items - bought as is, no warranty applies
  • Prints - Print Placement. Prints may appear slightly different than that advertised because of directional print placement. Colors may appear different than actual colors due to monitor color settings.  
  • Cosmetic stitching variations.  All our diapers are sewn by hand, by people. No two diapers will be EXACTLY alike, and stitching variations are normal.
  • Owner misuse, not following the care instructions
  • Normal wear and tear: pilling, staining, fading, snagging, holes, relaxed elastics, etc. 
  • Chemical damage
  • Damage caused by hungry machines
  • Over baked diapers! Dryers get hot! This can over dry and melt the PUL in your diapers over time. Please use the dryer sparingly. 
  • Diapers purchased in BST groups

Please understand diapers are like clothing, frequent use and laundering could result in them wearing out faster. It’s best to have a good supply of diapers in rotation so they last longer.

You must be the original owner who purchased the diaper. Proof of purchase will be required. Please contact us at the email address below and include your order number and clear photos of the defects. 

Please keep in mind that the same print/solid may not be available for a replacement. We will try our best, but inventory can change. 

Please email us with any product issues at warranty @ lfpdiapers.com